Monday, April 1, 2019

Miracle Comics #1 - pt. 4

Sigh. I like to think of myself a moderately capable artist myself, good enough to recognize good art when I see it and be rankled by bad art. And this is really, really bad art. Like, had no business ever being published bad.

What is even going on in that first panel? The Masked Angel brags he never misses and then...misses? Or did he shoot the man in the wrist? That's how the guy is holding his wrist, but the gun wasn't pointed anywhere near it.

And that car in panel 4! The arms in panel 6! Ugh!
The dialogue isn't that bad, and this isn't the first story I've read recently to make this weird mistake, but if you are playing a mysteryman and baiting the police with notes -- don't handwrite them! Especially if the police captain knows you and has probably seen your handwriting already.
The last feature is Pinky Parker. It's a pretty slight story, but I'm including it because of this well-orchestrated and yet pretty implausible escape from a trap. One, that the bad guys would make the mistake of trapping Pinky and his copy friend in a closet with a gas jet in it. Two, that the peashooter can fit into the gas jet and still reach the transom (must be a bendy straw). Three, that the other room would fill with gas and not the closet, despite the transom being open the whole time. It's like the Editor listened to his players' idea to escape, shrugged his shoulders, and said "Sure, just save vs. plot and it all happens that way."
And maybe this bugs me most of all. With no other evidence on which to hold them, Pinky asks the conductor to search their pockets and then tells the conductor he put them there, as proof his story is true. He could have said that after anything was pulled out of the pockets.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus.)

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