Thursday, February 12, 2015

Popular Comics #4 - pt. 1

Besides Little Orphan Annie, Maw Green was another mouthpiece for Harold Gray's backwards libertarian spiel.  Here, Maw Green tells us it's okay to just grab some stranger's kid and start paddling them, if you think they need it.

Maw Green is also shown here to be a potent fighter.  Making a new mobster called the big maw, with a bonus to grapple and spank, might be called for.  Better yet, I could use it later for characters like Ma Hunkel...

Demonstrating that cowardly hoodlums can look like well-dressed gentlemen.

Also from Little Orphan Annie, Punjab walks through a hail of bullets completely unharmed and contributes it to a bulletproof vest.  A bulletproof vest is only AC 7 in H&H.  This must be a hi-tech bulletproof vest +3, or better!

Smilin' Jack is a catalog of flying trophies this time.  There's Jack's trademark flivver plane, the parasol plane, the autogyro, and something called the vacuum type plane, though I can't figure out what kind of plane that is.  It looks like it has hinged wings...?

In this installment of Terry and the Pirates, Terry, Pat, and Connie get a tour of a great hideout: an abandoned monastery taken over by pirates. Most of the strip details various forms of torture practiced in the hideout, but there is, near the end, a rather "delightful" trap detailed.  In a bedroom, the beds are rigged so that they will flip over and dump anyone in them into a crocodile-filled pit, if a lever is pulled in a separate room.

Tom Mix demonstrates two new stunts the Cowboy class should get: Cheat at Cards and Sense Cheating.

Ella and Her Fella reveals that a half-pint does not necessarily have to be a child, or even particularly young.

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