Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Comics #5

We now rejoin my coverage of New Comics, energized by the discovery of this blog.

Sandor and the Lost Civilization presents us with two animal-mobster types: the tiger (that we have covered elsewhere to show that Hideouts & Hoodlums really needs tigers statted!) and the wild dog.  Personally, I would just use wolf stats for wild dogs.

This page of Sandor presents a poser and illustrates the difficulty of statting Heroes based on published adventures. Is "with superhuman strength, Sandor battles the huge brute" meant to be taken literally, so that Sandor is a Superhero?  Or is he an Explorer, and this flavor text is only, figuratively talking about how tough Sandor is to beat because he has so many hit points?

Here, Rattlesnake Pete demonstrates the Cowboy stunt of Improved Cover.

I include this page because Pandora's Box will become a recurring theme -- if not a literal item -- that comic book authors will come back to many times over the years, and this is its first appearance.

Also, H&H Supplement III: Better Quality included a section on mythic magic items, which Pandora's Box should have belonged to.

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