Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Fun #9

More Don Drake on the Planet Saro fun!  This time we clearly see that Don is fighting what must be a full-sized, 15 HD, sea monster -- which means that Zetrurian Canon must pack a whopping 15 HD of damage!

The next page features those bizarre "winged death" creatures again and, even with a better look at them, I can't figure out how to stat them!  It's almost more like an AD&D modron than a bird or insect. Any thoughts on them?

Poor Wing Brady is dying of thirst in the desert.  How to handle that, though, in game play?  Hideouts & Hoodlums includes rules for fatigue (in Book I: Men and Supermen, the combat section), but no rules for dehydration or starvation.

It is generally said that a man can go three days without water (though this site says some people have gone 8-10 days without water).  So, after 3 days, I would have the Hero suffer constant fatigue and, in addition, make the Hero save vs. science each additional day, or die.

Speaking of bizarre...Brad Hardy here tackles some "ape men" -- though, as anyone with basic zoological education knows, apes don't have tails. Perhaps, if we ignored the tails, these could be the gibbon men statted in H&H Supplement I: National?  The gibbon men only sprang into existence to fill a niche for a weak humanoid creature. Perhaps I should just replace them with monkey men like these in the next edition.

The "ape god" is a statue that just stood up and startled everyone. A stone golem...?

This installment of 2023 Super-Police shows that, even in the future, you can still find subterranean hideouts to explore!  Here we see a cave complex made from old lava tubes, now partially filled with water. The boat conveniently left on the shore reminds me of the classic AD&D module S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

Good thing Kiddlaw has a flare!  Flares are not currently on the starting equipment list for H&H, but it bears consideration.

And lastly, Doctor Occult finishes his first adventure against the "Vampire Master", actually a Mad Scientist with a Thought Materializer Machine.  This machine needs to go into the next edition of H&H, as it's such a handy means of stocking a hideout with all kinds of crazy mobsters!

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