Monday, February 16, 2015

Famous Funnies #22

Following Captain Easy's continued exploration of a sunken lost city is a lot like watching a Hideouts & Hoodlums game scenario unfold. Here, he moves from encounter to encounter, from 1 hp baby octopi to 1/2 Hit Die large cutlassfish to 1 Hit Die large barracuda.  Will all of these make it into the next edition?  Well, maybe barracuda...

The reward for all this hideout delving?  The trophy is a giant gold statue of a monkey. But, as is often the case in H&H, sometimes the bigger challenge than finding the trophy is figuring out how to get it out of the hideout!

...Huh, Easy's solved that one already!  Maybe a saw should be on the starting equipment list. Also nice job calculating its value. Players who can do that kind of research and calculating should be rewarded for it -- I would not hand out this information with some kind of skill check!

Next up would be Easy vs. a giant octopus, armed with just a saw!

The Alley Oop dino of the day is dimetrodon (really just a 3 HD giant lizard with a sail on its back).

This installment of Hairbreadth Harry shows us three things:  a simple plot hook (find the tiger for money), yet another example of why I should have statted tigers for H&H, and the use of tracking to solve a scenario.

Here we see Dan Dunn is all equipped for a H&H adventure -- a hand grenade in each pocket, dynamite bombs on his back, and carrying a sub-machine gun.  All he's missing is a 10' pole and 50' of rope!

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