Friday, February 6, 2015

New Comics #4

I don't know much about haven't read all the contents of this issue, but I do know that it features the debut of Jungle Boy, the first Tarzan rip-off written for comic books.

There is no Hero class for Hideouts & Hoodlums that is tailored specifically for emulating Tarzan-like characters, but the Explorer class (from The Trophy Case v. 1 no. 2) comes close. This sub-class of Fighter loses the "combat machine" special ability of the Fighter, but picks up a tracking ability and, at higher levels, animal companions. I also use that class for big game hunter-type characters.

Apparently, in this first feature, Jungle Boy fights a lion.  That's a tough fight for a first-level Hero!

Now, at one point, while preparing H&H material, I was able to find online an image from the first installment of Stratosphere Special, 2036 AD.  I sure can't seem to find it online anymore, but my notes say

Found it!  Yes, my notes were pretty good!  "(mobster) moon men (4’ tall, gray-skinned, bald, naked men with pointy ears and bugged-out eyes), moon has breathable atmosphere, but also low gravity and barren."   

Since "Stratosphere Special" was only one-panel art, that must have been some panel!

Moon men debuted, for H&H, in Supplement I: National, though the stats for them were based on the moon men in a later Zatara adventure. I'm not sure if I would stat these little fellows any differently, though.

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