Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Famous Funnies #21

Now, bear in mind that Captain Easy is in water only 58' deep (revealed on a previous page), but there seems to be an awful lot of deep ocean critters around this lost city!

Jewfish are also known as Atlantic goliath groupers, can weigh in at up to 790 lbs., and should warrant 4 Hit Dice in Hideouts & Hoodlums stats.  H&H is oddly missing giant fish, so something like this should be in the next edition.

Sharks are already statted for H&H, as has already been mentioned.

Swordfish can get even bigger than jewfish (Wikipedia tells me they reach a maximum of 1,430 lbs.).  I would give them 8 HD.  In fact, swordfish are more likely to be in the next edition than goliath groupers.

Giant squids were statted in Supplement II: All-American.

The Alley Oop dinosaur of the day was actually -- appropriate to this post-- a giant prehistoric fish once known as dinichthys, but Wikipedia now tells me is more properly known as dunkleosteus.

Boots and her friends demonstrate the smart tactic of using soft cover so they can take it with them.  One of her admirers also demonstrates wearing blackface as a disguise. It is up to each Editor to decide if this should be allowed to work, or rejected out of hand.

Herky, a bizarre little strip about a super-strong baby, is not likely to see a lot of exposure here.  I thought it worth mentioning, though, that kangaroos are about to be statted in the next big H&H project. The trope of kangaroos as fierce boxers warrants their inclusion in the game.

Dan Dunn's experience here with the villain Eviloff demonstrates the double-edged sword that is planes as trophies. Just an ordinary plane is an extremely useful trophy, allowing the ability to fly without the benefit of a 3rd level Magic-User spell, and faster than a Flying Carpet to boot. Load a plane up with machine guns and bombs and you have a challenge for even high-level Heroes -- and a nightmare in campaign balance if low-level Heroes should acquire it.  The Trophy Case no. 8 has a whole article about this.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum at http://www.digitalcomicmuseum.org/index.php?dlid=24146)

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