Thursday, December 27, 2018

Fantastic Comics #3 - pt. 1

We're back to Fox's Samson, and in this installment the raygun in that little plane can cancel the gravity on something weighing up to 160 tons. Compared to that, Samson breaking the lock off a door with his bare hand doesn't seem quite so impressive (a 1st level superhero could do that!).
Any of the defensive buffing powers could be in play here in panel 1.

I've written before about how darkness seems to be the best protection against superheroes, and for now I have no intention of introducing a power that would allow superheroes to see in the dark.

There is no game mechanic for superheroes accidentally wrecking things. More likely, though, the player chose to wreck the door, and then pretended it was an accident for his Hero.

Samson either uses a Leap power or he's an alien with natural leaping skills. How Jean gets on the ship if Samson doesn't leap with her is unclear.

Samson's booming voice has a peculiar effect, either producing a slew of positive encounter reactions all at once, or perhaps he's activated a power which does that (Commanding Voice? Mighty Shout?).   

Panel 4 gives the power Hold Breath a fairly specific duration. If time is measured in exploration turns, then this works out with the duration I gave the power already.

As for what he's using once he's's clearly a reversed application of Raise Ocean Liner (or Push Ocean Liner, as it was called in 1st edition, but should be changed so all the Raise powers start the same).

Now, this is why I described the ray as gravity canceling instead of magnetic. And, apparently, it can only lock onto one object at a time, so as soon as it locks onto Jean, it can't affect the ship anymore (had Samson realized this, he could have floated up there in her stead and wrecked the plane, instead of holding the ship down.
In evidence is the power Race the Plane.

It's hard to imagine how that secret hangar remains secret...

Samson uses the power Wall Climbing, and then wrecking things to pry open the giant secret door. Steel walls are wrecked as if tanks, while doors are wrecked as the simplest category; I would compromise halfway and treat this as the robot category.

Samson seems to be using Imperviousness against the bullets, though catching bullets is usually a sign of using the Race the Bullet power.
I don't have much to point out about this page, except that Samson looks somewhat hilariously like a surfer in panel 2.

Having supporting cast around can be handy when you need someone to call the police for you.
Samson is clearly making his saving throw vs. science to counter the raygun's effects on him.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum.)

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