Saturday, January 24, 2015

Popular Comics #1 - pt. 1

We've reached February 1936 and our first Dick Tracy!  I'm not as convinced as the people at Comic Book Plus and Digital Comic Museum that the Dick Tracy pages in Popular Comics are really public domain, so I'll just link to this one here.  The trap -- rigging a firehose so that it sprays down a flight of stairs is more of a "slow you down so I can escape" trap than a lethal trap.  I would say anyone could make a half-move up the stairs safely, but every 5 ft./turn faster than that and you'd have to make a save vs. science with a -1 penalty for each 5 additional ft. or fall on the stairs and take 0-3 (1d4-1) points of damage.

Origin of the dead stick stunt for Aviators that was listed in The Trophy Case v. 1 no. 6 and detailed in no. 7.

Bos'n Hal, Sea Scout is not particularly Hideouts & Hoodlums-specific, but that semaphore guide is pretty handy and could be a great resource for a nautical game session.  H&H hand-waves languages, allowing that everyone everywhere knows and speaks English to varying degrees of success. But -- if I did switch to requiring languages, I would definitely include a semaphore language.

It's interesting that almost this exact same "trick" happened in the Seaweed Sam page we just read a few days ago.  If it's not the "magic cape" that is responsible for Sandy disappearing and Punjab is casting a spell, then it might be a lot like the D&D spell Rope Trick, in that the target is transported to an extra-dimensional space. As of now, it's not written up for the next edition, but it may be...

Definitely a cowardly or superstitious hoodlum.  Cowardly hoodlums were statted in Book II: Mobsters and Trophies.  Superstitious hoodlums had to wait until Supplement II: All-American.  Truthfully, I've never been satisfied with the superstitious hoodlums as I statted them.  Maybe they'll get improved someday.

The combination of cowardly and superstitious hoodlums, of course, comes from Bruce Wayne's famous announcement that criminals were a "cowardly and superstitious lot".

Definitely a magical trophy this time.  Annie's "magic whistle" must be bonded to a guardian who will appear immediately after blowing the whistle, even if located miles away.  I would limit the range to 10 miles and make it useable once per day.

Punjab also seems to be giving the injured man a magic Potion of Healing, though we can't see it so we don't know for sure...

Rattlesnake.  Glad I already statted that on the blog.

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