Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Fun #8 - pt. 2

The bandit entry in Hideouts & Hoodlums Book II: Mobsters and Trophies ignores this, but the bandits seen in comics, like this Jack Woods installment, are almost always stereotypically Hispanic. There are not a lot of actual game mechanics on display here, though notice the smart combat tactic of bottle-necking the bandits in that gorge before taking a stand with the rifle.

This is a rare first glimpse of magic at work in a comic book. Note that the way things like powers and spells work in H&H is that they measure the effects of the spells, not necessarily the form the spell takes. So, while it appears that the Black Magician is casting something like a Wall of Fire spell, note how the effect of the spell is that it only holds three people in one spot, and does not seem to be harming them. So this is very likely a Hold Person spell in action.

Similarly, the spell that appears to be something like "Summon Flood" is actually just negating the Hold Person spell. So, mechanic-wise, this is most likely Dispel Magic being cast. Now, maybe one could argue that, because of the fire component described in the Hold Person spell, that a water-based spell could cancel it out. This would be a judgement call for the Editor to make.

The Planet Saro continues to be a gold mine for new mobsters. Or is it?  It's hard to say what to do with that "Sea Beast".  Is it the 15 Hit Die sea monster, from Book II?  I'd like to think Don's Editor isn't that cruel.  And yet, Don does have a very powerful raygun at his disposal, so maybe that's supposed to even the odds.

Mobsters do not always have to have the Hit Dice they are statted with in the books. This Sea Beast, for example, might be a young sea monster with "just" 8 HD.

Also worth noting is, dangling from a rope like that, Don should be at least at a +2 bonus to hit for the Sea Beast, and will not get any Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (assuming that rule from Supplement I: National is used).

Meanwhile, the Doctor Occult page continues his very first adventure, against Vampire Master. So far, the Vampire Master appears to be a Mad Scientist (statted in Book II), who uses hypnotism (via a machine generating the 1st-level power, perhaps?), as well as a simple portcullis trap.

I'm...unsure about the legality of sharing the early Dr. Occult material, so I'm going to only refer to it here, and you can always check me yourself by following the citation link the follows...

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