Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Famous Funnies #13 - pt. 2

...and we pick up where we left off, with Jane Arden. Jane's plan is a risky one by the Hideouts & Hoodlums rules, where one's chance to listen at doors is typically only 2 in 6.  Unless Jane is a Mysteryman?  More likely, her player's Editor revealed that there would be a bonus to the roll because the doors in this building were so thin.

Though, coupled with this page, with Jane sneaking around, spying, climbing around on window sills -- perhaps one could make a case for Jane Arden being a Mysteryman!  Or perhaps, because of the ledge, a generous Editor would allow any Hero there a chance to safely walk from sill to sill.

Funny animal pages won't often get shared here, but this one points out a glaring omission in the H&H rules. Does a weapon dropped vertically down onto a target still do the same damage as it would if thrown?  Yes, and any item that can reasonably be considered a weapon will do normal weapon damage, if dropped from a height of 5' or more. In this particular case, the distance is too short to pose a credible threat, and an Editor would have to be very generous to rule that an old shoe can function as a club in combat.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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