Saturday, January 17, 2015

Famous Funnies #16

Bulldogging or steer wrestling is a tricky business to handle using Hideouts & Hoodlums game mechanics.  Using a grappling attack isn't quite right, because it's not a case of two similar beings trying to subdue each other.  Indeed, if some kind of modifier was placed on the bull for size and weight, the bull would win almost every time.  If this came up in a H&H scenario, I would have Joe's player roll to hit, then make a saving throw vs. science for the bull, as a 5 Hit Dice mobster.

Here's something for Heroes to watch out for when raiding gambling dens -- men with machine guns behind slits high up on the walls.  The rules only distinguish between soft and hard cover, so even with 90% concealment the machine gunners would still only get a -4 penalty to be hit.  Good news for the Heroes!

Don't forget that gambling was illegal until modern times.  Even a lottery would have been a crime worth Dan Dunn's time.

Look out, Dan!  Someone's managed that 2 in 6 chance to surprise you, which is the only way to begin shadowing someone.  Each turn the shadower must maintain surprise against the shadowee or will be noticed, unless a Mysteryman moving stealthily (or perhaps a Magic-User concealed magically).

I doubt the quality was very good, but miniature cameras like this were 1940s technology and are found on the starting equipment list available to Heroes.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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