Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fantastic Comics #1 - pt.1

The debut of Samson starts out with a bit of creative alternate history. "Peace reigned in Europe" either means this takes place before 1939, or this is an alternate world. The army of huns marching on Europe from the East makes it seem even more like an alternate history. Indeed, it bears some similarity to the future of Buck Rogers.

More and more powerful explosives is a comic book cliche, and I've done my part for Hideouts & Hoodlums by upping the damage that explosives do.

High frequency thought transmitters may seem like super-powerful trophy items, given the range implied here...but are they really any more than telephones with flavor text enhancement, if they are limited to transmitting surface thoughts?

That wide screen TV, though...that looks like it would make many a person with a home entertainment center today envious.

Samson's first fight is remarkable both for his results -- he apparently defeats an entire battalion bare-handed, but how he does it, with no obvious use of powers. He fights soldiers two at a time with punches, apparently with Multi-Attack since in H&H you don't normally get two attacks per turn with fists if your opponent is armed. He might have some other power buffs in place, like Get Tough or Nigh-Invulnerable Skin (since he is just in furry underpants).

A possible weakness in the various Raise powers is that they increase incrementally at first, so that Raise Car can lift 2 tons, Raise Elephant can raise 5 tons, and Raise Trolley Car can lift 8 tons. That leaves a huge gap for Raise Bridge to cover, that would include hefting tanks and chucking them around.

If I had increased the Raise powers so that they went 2 tons, 20 tons, 200 tons, then the 3rd level Raise power would handle tanks, but would also handle small bridges too. So...

This page is peculiar in terms of just what is going on here. First of all, the narrator says Samson leaps up to the plane, even though we clearly see his foot still on the ground. Then he pulls the plane out of the sky -- how do we handle that game mechanics-wise? Is he making a grappling attack on the plane, and we're treating the plane as an enemy combatant? Is he somehow reversing one of the Raise powers?

The power Wreck at Range, from Supplement I. It occurred to me, in instances like this, that if wrecking was a melee-only ability that Samson would be caught in the explosion.

I'm not sure how this pilot survives the explosion and manages to crawl away. Save vs. plot to survive an airplane crash? At -4 to escape without serious injury?

Apparently, if you're using a move-buffing power like Outrun Train, you can move really fast even when you've been drawn like you're at a well-paced jog.

Samson is such a good sneaker that he can take a guard by surprise while sneaking up on his right flank!

The combat is a little off, unless Samson is using Multi-Attack again. The power doesn't specify this (yet), but I guess you could use different attack forms in the same turn and split them between your available attacks with Multi-Attack. Otherwise, you should not be able to maintain a hold and kick a new opponent in the same turn.

I wonder if those hood antennae are the high frequency thought transmitters we've heard about...

Yes, it's an impressive-sized door -- with a big padlock, no less -- but still wrecks as if an ordinary door. Only the largest of bank vaults should wreck as anything higher, and then at the category of machines.

Despite the fact that Samson is attacking bare-handed, he's dealing "death-dealing blows". Now, technically, any attack on an unconscious person in H&H is a death-dealing blow, but the pacing on this page does not suggest that he's taking the time to murder the guards and let Thorga run further. Maybe there needs to be a power called Death-Dealing Blows, that let's attacks do lethal damage if they drop an opponent to zero hit points. I would reserve something that dangerous for at least a fourth level power, though.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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