Friday, February 24, 2017

Speed Comics #3 - pt. 2

Shock is using Imperviousness, if not Invulnerability, here to keep himself immune to heavy artillery. He's also using an Extend Missile Range power to turn a rock into a dangerous weapon -- though I don't much care of that name anymore. The power is more broad than just extending range; I'm going to change it to Improved Missile.

Turn Gun on Bad Guy -- or Turn Missiles, as I'm going to call it in 2nd ed.

It takes the 4th level power Raise Bridge to lift enough tonnage to flip a heavy tank.

Shock must have at least two 4th level powers, which would make him at least an 8th level superhero (7th in 2nd edition). That's a lot of brevet ranks for someone only on his third adventure.

There won't be any tank-sized trophy weapons in the 2nd ed. basic book -- but if there were, flame-thrower tanks would be too cool to leave out.  There are three flame-thrower tanks in total, to which Shock is immune. So, is that the Resist Fire power, or does his Invulnerability power have an impossibly long (by 1st ed.) duration?

Either Shock was still taking partial damage from the liquid fire, or the duration ended on his defensive buffing power(s).

Shock seems fully recovered by the time he wakes up, but he'd be at 2 hit points after an 8-hour rest in 1st ed. and no more than 6 hit points in 2nd edition.

He also uses wrecking things and a Leap power.

It can't be easy snapping a small lead coin in half between your fingers, as you wouldn't be able to get much leverage on it. This might wreck as a machine.

Note that there's no reason for Shock to suspect these are fake coins. His snapping it in half, then, would seem to be a symbolic gesture that just got really lucky.

It's never clear if the aggressor nation is Germany or Italy.

There's a category for wrecking tanks, so a tank gun should probably be right under that (trucks category).

Once again Shock uses Turn Missiles -- but today is a new day, so he has his powers prepared fresh again.

This is Crash, Cork, and the Baron again, and an example of some poor planning. The plot hook is that they've spotted a known wanted criminal with a $4,000 price on his head and go after him. They do it in three separate planes, each with a good chance of getting damaged in the course of the scenario. Their odds of coming out ahead in this scenario seem pretty low -- though they are probably hoping to pick up additional treasure while looting his hideout.

Crash runs into a constrictor snake, but successfully evades the encounter by running away. The hyena cub poses no serious threat, except for alerting the guard -- sort of like the purpose of shriekers in That Other Game!

I was not familiar with the word "kraal", so I had to look it up.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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