Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fantastic Comics #1 - pt. 2

When you need to stock a laboratory, you don't need to put too much thought into it; just put little items you know -- like light bulbs and switches -- and make them even bigger.

There is no use of a power implied here; Samson just steals a bomb and drops it off a cliff.  Conveniently, opposition troops are massing at the bottom of the cliff.  The entire army then loses their morale save at once, or so it seems. If this was a scenario, I would roll for separately by unit, so long as their sub-leaders were intact.

Samson has no qualms with killing, if you haven't figured that out already.

Oh boy -- Fletcher Hanks' Stardust!  Things aren't too crazy yet, but don't worry -- it's coming.

I'm not going to comment on the broadcaster's list of powers, as that's all hearsay. The weapons, though...

I have not given much thought to assigning game mechanics to diseases yet, but typhoid germs is a legitimately scary biological weapon that could be a good challenge for mid-level play.

Hot-X fusing liquid sounds like the "Adhesive X" that would figure so prominently in Marvel Comics later. Maybe melting/fusing liquids should have a wrecking things chance.

Atom-smashers are pretty dangerous, but not normally too portable. You never know in comic books, though.

Shredding guns is an oddity. Could that be like a needlegun, before there were needleguns?

Expanding bullets would be...exploding bullets? Or do they really just get bigger? I do tend to overthink things, but I suspect that would widen the surface area of the bullet and give it less penetration power.

This is also the first of many comic books to come where the President of the United States is targeted for assassination.

Stardust finally appears -- but is he superhero or magic-user? First he uses some kind of mass-weakening power/spell -- or is it Hold Person?  And then he teleports into the room, flies out, and turns invisible for no really good reason. There's power versions of most of those abilities, but as used here they look more like the magic-user spells.

Now, this is where Stardust starts to get really crazy. If this was a power, Anti-Gravity Ray would be able to affect up to 20 objects and alter their course "at dazzling speed", like Mass Telekinesis with a speed boost.  If this is a power, it's got to be a 7th level power. If it's a spell, this could be duplicated with the 9th level spell Wish.

Okay, here we've got a "boomerang ray" that seems a lot like the Turn Gun on Bad Guy/Turn Missiles power, a "magnetic ray" and a "suspending ray" that...well, both could be duplicated with the Anti-Gravity Ray power.

This "secret ray" seems like Phantasmal Image could duplicate it. Mass Teleport -- able to transport eight G-Men all at once -- is much more powerful and has to be an 8th level spell.

So, to stat Stardust -- for just his first appearance -- he has to be a 16th level magic-user/16th level superhero. That's a LOT of brevet ranks!

This is The Golden Knight. Normally, you have to search to find things; in H&H, you can't just be near a secret door and get a chance to find it. So this was a freebie from the Editor.

This is really interesting -- our Golden Knight encounters what looks like a dragon -- but it's called a firebat. So, it must be dragon-shaped, but too small to be considered a true dragon. And, I assume, it can breathe fire, though we don't get to see it do that.  I'm thinking of statting this with 4 HD (half a green dragon's stats, plus breathes fire instead of poison gas). 

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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