Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Amazing Man Comics #7 -pt. 5

Let's just keep the ball rolling!

We'll pick back up with Mighty Man as he uses a power to catch a runaway railcar. Technically, you'd think this would be the 4th level power Hold Train, but it's not a full train and nowhere near in that weight class. I'd allow this with the 2nd level version, Raise Elephant.

Wrecking trees, particularly one that size, should be like wrecking cars.

My wife pointed out to me that I have an uncle-in-law who looks a lot like that lumberjack with the white mustache.

I never thought of this before, but water must make a different type of noise when it flows into an underground passage. This type of specific information might require a penalty to your listen check, unless you specifically asked for it.

Mighty Man's battle is over in "an instant", which must mean 1 combat turn at most. So, for Mighty Man to have knocked out all five mobsters present, he must have used the power Flurry of Blows.

And now we get to The Shark, who is finally getting some backstory here. Inheriting his first magic item, he gets a...let's call it a Dagger of Poseidon +2, +2 to wrecking things for mermen.

A stationary (non-portable) heat raygun can evaporate an entire lake pretty quickly.

Now here's a set-up for a dangerous scenario -- the Heroes know where the hideout is, approach the entrance, and...it's not the real hideout, it's a fake one rigged as a trap! Yes, the entire building is the trap, thanks to a powerful bomb. Heroes will need lots of caution or lots of hit points to survive this one.

In a curious bit of hideout design, the mad scientist's giant generator is placed inside the entrance to his hideout. That makes it really easy to knock out the power to all his electronic traps, weapons, etc.

Since The Shark and Poseidon make it sound so easy, I'm going to say that this generator wrecks as if ...an ordinary generator, despite appearing to be giant in size.

Generally not a good idea to situation your enormous heat raygun on the edge of a 200' cliff. Could make for some excitement, though!

We see The Shark has a pet octopus here -- possibly a giant octopus, though the scale is hard to tell. This must be a supporting cast member we haven't seen before.

And that's it!  We finally got through the whole issue.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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