Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adventure Comics #44 - pt. 2

Rusty and His Pals explore Chen Fu's Liverpool opium den. As it typical for waterfront hideouts, there is a trapdoor leading down to a water level, where a motorboat awaits for a swift getaway.

In Anchors Aweigh, Don Kerry is a Lieutenant-Commander (I don't recall what his rank was before, but I don't think it was that high. Promotion through leveling!  In this installment, Don and Red attack gambling boats with grenades and machine guns, showing that your players can never be too ruthless for a Golden Age campaign.

In Cotton Carver's generic version of Pellucidar, he's gifted a magic sword that is explained like this: "encased inside the tiny ridge of the blade was a small drop of mercury. When the blade is held up to strike, the mercury rushes into the hilt making it seem lighter, then when it is brought downward, it slips in to the blade's tip making the blow harder and nearly unblockable."  It sounds like neither magic nor physics to me, but do we really need a better explanation for how a Sword +1 works?

Cotton easily takes out all opponents with his magic sword, but this installment features a rare instance of a Hero losing consciousness from environmental cold damage.

(Sandman read in Golden Age Sandman Archives, the rest read in summary at DC Wiki).

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