Sunday, February 5, 2017

Detective Comics #33 - pt. 2

Larry Steele, Private Eye is pulling nightwatchman duty for a week before he sees some action. A masked mobster catches him by surprise. Throwing the vase to distract Larry doesn't give the mobster a bonus to surprise, it explains how the mobster gained surprise. In a rare instance, the mobster misses on his surprise head blow attack, but knocks Larry out on his next attack, in the first turn of regular combat. Larry must have only had 6 hit points or less.

This month's Speed Saunders story is nothing to write home about, except for the unusual plot hook -- while out hunting, Speed kills a moose with a dead man tied to its back!

Speed and one other man he rescues are outnumbered by natives 11 to 2 -- though for some reason these modern-day Native Americans are attacking with spears or hatchets instead of guns. The natives are consistently referred to as "breeds."

Speed volunteers to be the one to sneak out of the cabin and try to get help. The other two men in the cabin apparently think nothing of Speed being the only one of the three of them in a bright red sweater. Apparently, bright colors do not modify surprise changes.

This is the first adventure where Speed is referred to as a private detective; you may recall that in his first adventure he was with the FBI's River Patrol Division and, since then, it hasn't been clear who he worked for.

...And I had to skip the rest of the issue because was spamming me so bad.

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