Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amazing Mystery Funnies v. 2 #11 - pt. 2

I have a new mobster type called the hag already in H&H 2nd ed., but this might be just a magic-user being called a hag. She finds a pendant that seems to work only for her; there is precedent in H&H (and That Other Game) for magic items that only work for particular classes.

The Cat's Eye Talisman has the power to age or de-age anyone it touches. It seems like it can age 50 years at a touch, which is really powerful. I might make it 10-40 years (with a save vs. spells to resist entirely).

Ooo -- the future of 2009! Behold the wonders of jet planes (called rocket planes here and, really, in most comic books of the time)!  Read of the international secret service active in the future!

Cutaway map! That's one big atomic space-ship.

I've posted before about how to dress up ordinary things to appear futuristic. Here, we have an ordinary electric eye trap turned into a proton ray that deals agonizing amounts of damage (or maybe a save vs. science or die).

Ooo, portable TV sets in the future of 2009! Still in black and white, I see.

Not sure I plan to do anything with this, but...stories where a vehicle swerves and mobsters are knocked out with centrifugal force. I really hesitate to do this because the game mechanic would be pretty nightmarish - some complex formula that took speed and angle of turn into account in computing damage.

In 2009, businessmen will show up for work in sweatsuits! (Actually not that far off from accurate...)

And lastly, this is Speed Centaur. The closest power to what he's using is Extend Missile Range III, but those boulders look like they far exceed the weight limit for that power. However...maybe the Raise powers should be stackable with the Extend Missile Range powers to increase damage.  I'm not sure how to work that out yet, and it seems like it would be confusing to mix and match powers that can be found at four different levels for Raise powers and three different levels for Extend Missile Range powers.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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