Saturday, November 5, 2016

Speed Comics #1 - pt. 2

The debut adventure of Shock Gibson is so long, this is the first time I've needed more than one blog post to cover just one adventure!

Shock's first deathtrap isn't too bad. Sure, snapping chains is nothing for even a good man (1st level superhero, and we do know that Shock has brevet ranks boosting him), but here he also takes falling damage for the pit, and then all three lions get a free turn of attack on him because it takes a full turn to get up and snap the chains.

Extend Missile Range in play, with the optional use of turning a living target into a missile weapon.

I already figured out that this hideout is inside West Spanish Peak and, no, that volcano is not active.

Von Kampf zombies are particularly good at surprise.

This is Crash, Cork, and the Baron, a sort of cross between the 4 Aces (this strip is even nicknamed "The Three Aces" in the first panel) and Scorchy Smith, but without Scorchy's quality. We can narrow down only that the adventure takes place in Saudia Arabia, since Abd-Murad doesn't seem to be a real place.

That said, loudly looking for trouble could be a good way of drawing out the bad guys you're looking for.

So, their plan, now that they know where to find the bad guys, is to lure them out into the open and then mow them down from the sky. I'd suggest this is racist, but I've had players who are just as likely to mow down their enemies from safely overhead.

Ted Parrish encounters two suspicious characters getting into a cutter.

For the basic book's trophy section, I plan to stick to just 10 specific vehicles for land, sea, and air (each), each vehicle being incrementally larger and more advanced than the one before it. I'm sure a cutter could fit in there somewhere.

Here we get a petrification machine, and only the second crossdressing hero we've seen in comics.

So, in this hideout, we've had a mad scientist, now there's a thug, and ...not sure we need a stat entry for henchmen. I'm not sure how we can distinguish them from other hoodlums/mobsters.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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