Monday, June 1, 2015

Star Ranger #2

It might not be common knowledge that TV sets were already around in the 1930s. The reason you don't hear too much about it is that there was almost no programming to watch on TV sets back then.

Lariats as an entangling weapon have already been considered, but what about a dragging weapon?  I don't have a game mechanic worked out for this, but if  someone were to, heh, drag one out of me, I'd have this do 1d6 damage for every time Movement doubled beyond the base of 60. 

More evidence of the Mythic West existing into modern times (though the jalopy in the picture might not be 1930s vintage, so...).

 Editors will have to think long and hard about how lenient they would be about a plan like this.  It seems to me that an ordinary rope would just snap if a plane this large hit it.  Not that I've ever tried it.

Centaur comics never grew into a major player in the comics field, but it was the first home to some important artists. We've already seen Will Eisner's earliest work in other Centaur comics and, here, we see some of the earliest work from Fred Guardineer and Craig Flessel, who will go on to become DC stalwarts. 

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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