Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Famous Funnies #33

There would be pretty good money for Heroes in collecting reward money. Just information leading to the capture of one of the FBI's most wanted in the 1930s was worth $5,000.  Actually capturing one was worth $1,500.

Spotting someone in a crowd of people could be as difficult as finding a concealed door -- 2 in 6 chance -- depending on how crowded it is, lighting conditions, and how much the person is trying to blend in.  In that yellow hat, I'd probably give the officers a 4 in 6 chance to spot Dillinger, though.

Leaping to one's death is difficult in a game where falling damage is only supposed to render one unconscious. This rule may be ignored for non-Heroes, however, at the Editor's discretion.

Cover takes a lot of forms; even a human shield can count as cover, albeit only soft cover in most cases (one could make an argument for hard cover, maybe, depending on how narrow the range of fire will be coming from).

As for using a table to batter down a steel door...the wrecking things mechanics in the game should not normally get any modifiers, unless the Editor feels the situation warrants it. Trying to batter down a steel door would be more about luck than brute strength, I should think.
A speeding ticket was a $5 fine, at least in 1934...

Golden Age notions of hi-tech could be funny sometimes. Take the long range telescopic movie film projector -- it somehow processes the film and projects it automatically, much in the way that a television shows images instantly, but with much more complexity.

Also useful is some plane info on the sidebar, like how air freighters in the mid-30s could carry less than 7,000 lbs., or that the most passengers a passenger plane could hold was 70.

With very little imagination, we can see Hold Person ("Witch's Circle") and Charm Person ("Witch's Gaze") being cast here.  We also get a new spell, Magic Cloak, which can cause something to disappear underneath it. I would keep this a 2nd level spell by limiting how long it can make something disappear.

And we also get a rhinoceros.

Hold Person/Witch's Circle has an unusual way of breaking the spell duration early.  Poor bird.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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