Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Adventure Comics #15

Rooster jokes are almost as common as goat humor in these old comic books. This is a particularly weird one -- we apparently have a bulletproof rooster here, who can eat bullets as well.

This is from a serial called "Jungle Fever", though you'd never know it since it seems to all take place on a boat.

Red is a crazy effective fighter, and apparently third level, since he's using the 'combat machine' skill of the Fighter class to attack multiple low-HD opponents at once.

This is from "A Tale of Two Cities". I probably won't be commenting on literary adaptations too often, but this is almost surely the first spiked club, or morning star, that I've seen in comic books.

Likewise, Captain Quick is a historical adventure, which I often ignore -- but there is an excellent play-by-play description of a duel here.  To adapt this to Hideouts & Hoodlums, you need: a) parrying rules, b) a chance of tripping during melee,...

 ...c) the ability to get back up on your feet as a free action, d) a mechanic for breaking weapons, and e) a mechanic for morale. H&H currently has a and e. B is right out, in ordinary circumstances, because it adds too much difficulty to combat. The H&H rules are not clear, yet, on c, though I generally treat rising from a prone position as a whole-combat turn action.  H&H might get d in the next edition.

Included here because the cryptic note written in a cylinder of silk is a great plot hook for an adventure.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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