Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Famous Funnies #35

Ah, tetralethadahyde, the ultimate weed killer!  It's easy to make up names for poisons by combining words that sound like poison.

It might be worth it to play a Hero with a hook hand sometime, just so you can have trick hooks that double as files...

Note the unusual gas masks, with big air tanks strapped to the stomach. Definitely early models, if they ever looked like this.

Note that you can punch underwater, even against huge octopi. Giant octopi were, of course, statted in Book II: Mobsters & Trophies.

Also note the way artificial respiration was performed in the 1930s.

Note the short length of time it takes for Dan to recover, even after being beaten unconscious by an octopus. That doesn't happen in H&H. Might still need to think more about that.

The Phantom Magician can't get through a locked door. This shows that spells do have to be prepared in advance, or he could have just cast Knock.

Instead we see what appears to be a couple of new spells. A 2nd level spell would be Conjure Minor Item, which causes something like a coil of rope to appear temporarily.

Magic Sword has got to be a more powerful spell, maybe 4th level, which causes a +1 sword to appear in the M-U's hands and lets him use it temporarily as if a Fighter. In fact, the spell seems so potent, that I wonder if P.M. isn't just a Fighter/Magic-User who already had a +1 Sword on him...

Oh, and there's a green dragon!  Instead of exhaling chlorine gas, it breathes fire through its nostrils.

Since auto-gyros are fairly common in comics (even the Bat-Man had one!), it might help to know how they work.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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