Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Comics #10

I don't have a lot of content access to this issue, but what I do have is a doozy -- the four-page installment of Federal Men.  This continues from the last issue, so I've already discussed giant robots.  This installment calls it a metal colossus and I wonder if that would not be a good name for a distinctly different construct-type mobster. Perhaps 20 HD, with destructive wrecking beams it can shoot from its eyes at 1-2 targets per turn?  With permanent Imperviousness (like the 3rd level power)? 

Note to self: if I ever become a mad scientist, leave all access hatches to my giant robots locked!

Metal colossi can be found in groups of 1-3! 

I would treat wrecking an entire underground hideout of this size as "dams" on the wrecking things table, though, really, even a smaller hole punched in the side of it would cause some serious flooding.

(Scans courtesy of Four-Color Shadows blog))

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