Monday, July 6, 2015

The Funnies #11 - pt. 1

I don't know how accurate it is to say people would pay $1-2 in the 1930s for retrieving golf balls, but if one were to run a Reg'lar Fellers-style game with kid characters, they would earn Experience Points slowly by earning money in such a fashion.

A player recently asked me why starting money is so much when everything was so cheap. It's true that competition and scarcity of money drove prices for most things pretty low, but when you absolutely have to have something -- like a secret plane trip to the coast -- and the pilot knows he's got you on the spot, $1,500 should not surprise you as his asking price.

Hideouts are often going to be guarded in some way, like by sentries expecting some sort of signal from those approaching.

It's also useful to not leave even "empty" rooms empty. A simple barrel in the corner makes an empty room more memorable and, if nothing else, gives the players something to visualize as they are exploring.

Dan Dunn's player isn't cheating; it's fair game to take a Supporting Cast Member with special skills, even if it's a trained dog with tracking skills, into the hideout with you. Of course, you risk putting your SCM(s) in harm's way the longer they are in a hideout, so use this strategy with great care.

Another playing tip from Captain Easy. If someone shows up claiming to be your new chauffeur, check them for a chauffeur's license. Pointing a gun at their head first is entirely optional.

It also pays to thoroughly search every new environment your Hero finds himself in. You never know where mobsters might be hiding!

This one's a tough call, game mechanics-wise. Should Supporting Cast Members be able to recruit other SCMs?  I'd probably allow it this time since the charismatic priest is not converting bad guys to directly aid Bronc Peeler, but there is definitely a dangerous precedent here for sending 1 SCM out to recruit 2 others, sending each of them out to recruit 2 others, and so on until the Hero has an army on his hands.

Of course, if the priest were a player-ran Hero, then this would all be fine.

Heroes turning down treasure should still be awarded Experience Points for earning it -- unless the 100 xp award for doing a good deed is larger, and then award that (provided the Hero is truly giving his share away to a good cause!).

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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