Friday, July 10, 2015

The Comics #5

Our tour of 1937's comic books continues with this Dell anthology and a page of Wash Tubbs.

A top hat for $18. A bottle of perfume for $10. They're intentionally high-end prices, but still an indication of what Heroes might have to pay.

A Hero can keep taking damage so long as he hasn't run out of hit points -- but can he keep taking it without flinching?  The Arizona Kid would have to save vs. plot to avoid flinching. The Editor could even assign a modifier, such as a penalty for every point of damage minus the Hero's level.

Sombrero Pete has fallen into some Aztec ruins, ruins guarded by a trapped statue rigged to slam its fists down on the first intruder to come within range (one-time attack roll, as if a high-HD mobster?).

The ruins conceal a lost world still populated by primitive and superstitious Aztecs.

The Magic Draught sounds like a magic item/trophy, one that can not only heal serious wounds, but transform the imbiber into a Superhero!  This story could also be re-used as the origin story for a modern-day superhero...

And we end with a goat joke #10 in my running tally!

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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