Sunday, July 5, 2015

Popular Comics #19

I'll start with talking about the Dick Tracy pages from this issue, not pictured here. A playing tip is that Tracy and his fellow cops dab phosphorescent calcium sulfide on their noses so they can spot each other in the dark, while not giving their location away like entering a dark hideout with flashlights blazing would do.

Japanese dope smuggler Toyee tries to hide from Tracy by being sown into a big dead fish. So if you see fish hanging from the ceiling in a hideout, make sure you punch them a few times and listen for "ow!"

Toyee wore a ring with a secret compartment for a poison capsule, potassium cyanide specifically. Something else to look for when capturing mobsters.

Alignment doesn't get discussed in comic books often, but here's a perfect discussion of what constitutes Law from this page of The Nebbs.

Hmm...a mini-aircraft carrier (though only able to carry one aircraft) that flies through the air thanks to helicopter propellers? Is this the granddaddy of Jack Kirby's Helicarrier for Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD?

Although this page refers to Galapagos iguanas as "giant marine iguanas", they're actually not that large. I wouldn't stat at giant iguana, then, as anything over 1+1 Hit Dice.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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