Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Funnies #6 - pt. 1

Okay, starting off the next 100 issues, we jump right back into Dell's comic strip reprint anthology and an Alley Oop creature feature!

This is bradysaurus, an early pre-dinosaur giant reptile big enough to warrant 8+1 HD, using d8 Hit Dice.

Though fiercer looking, edaphosaurus was smaller, much lighter, and would only be 4 HD.

Dinicitis was a primitive version of the modern day great cat. It was not far off from a cougar in size, so this would be maybe a 2+1 HD.

Truth serum is apparently a real thing, but it's also something of a cliche in all kinds of fiction, not just Dan Dunn. In Hideouts & Hoodlums, it could be called Potion of Lie Detection.

He's a pretty sharp shooter, that Dan Dunn!  Now, the cover rules only apply to soft cover and hard cover, with hard cover providing just a -2 penalty to hit. However, for a shot like this, where the target cannot even be seen behind the cover, an additional penalty for shooting an unseen target can be added, making a -6 penalty to hit in total!

There is always a chance for wrecking things, even for non-Superheroes. So, Dan would get through even a steel door with an axe eventually, but it does make sense that he could forego this for time considerations (it might take many turns for the Editor's rolls to get lucky enough!).

Lastly, the trap of a false floorboard flooding the room with poison gas if stepped on is quite nasty.  Of course, the Heroes still get saving throws vs. poison, and something less lethal, like knock-out gas, could be substituted.  The chance of stepping on the right floorboard might be 1 in 6 per turn spent in the room, per occupant.

I fear if more players saw what a G-Man gets for a starting equipment package on this page, that everyone would want to play nothing but G-Men!  I would not make this package available to starting players, though if a Hero became a G-Man during the course of a campaign, I could see rewarding him or her with such a loot crate!

It's unclear in the bottom tier if we are seeing the benefit of a Charisma modifier being applied to an initially low encounter reaction roll, or if the Editor is applying a situational modifier after some good role-playing.

Captain Easy had a tough time finding the gun in the snow because it became a concealed object, with only a 2 in 6 chance per turn of him finding it (though the Editor could bump that up to 3 in 6 if he felt the gun could not be buried too deep).

Landing on the railroad car could have been a simple attack roll -- unless the Editor wanted to make it really challenging and added the penalties for hitting a moving object, from the vehicular combat rules.

Flipping a coin and having the direction the head is facing determine what direction you head is a novel idea to me; it could be replicated with a real coin or a roll on 1d8 to determine compass direction.

The man Easy meets in the snow could be the result of a wandering encounter check, but since he has such a valuable plot hook for Easy, I suspect he was pre-planted in that location -- which is okay for the Editor to do.  Not everything needs to be random.

Wolves, particularly in whatever part of Europe Easy is supposed to be in, may be encountered in groups of 3-36.

Easy slipped on the ice because of a missed save vs. science roll.

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