Monday, May 18, 2015

More Fun Comics #19

Sometimes, just entering the hideout is itself part of the challenge. In this case, Barry O'Neill has to fall down a pit to enter Fang Gow's concealed entrance. How everyone else got down there without having to jump and get hurt is not explained. Perhaps there was another secret entrance. Of course, if you do put a safer backdoor into the hideout, be prepared for your Heroes to find it!

Brad Hardy gives us a surprisingly detailed map of the lost world he explores. Less thought seems to have gone into the reptaboa, which just seems to be a funny-looking constrictor snake.

There were plenty of times that I "cheated" on mobster types for Hideouts & Hoodlums, making ones that I felt the game should have, but didn't actually have samples of from my readings. One was the anarchist, which I pictured as a crazy communists running around with round, lit bombs -- just like the guy in this gag picture!

Predicting the future is a curious game to play; you just never know when you're going to win and get it right. Here, we can only hope that the Interplanetary Police's clothes are not the fashions of the future.  But a telemirror? That looks a lot like a flatscreen TV to me.  And race change is possible today through plastic surgery.

Hideout rooms tend to be at a 10' scale, which tends to make for big rooms.  What I like about this page is that it shows spacious interiors, very appropriate for H&H. Giant bats are a threat for low-level Heroes, but a cavern full of ordinary bats is basically just flavor text, as it is here.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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