Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Comics #2 - pt. 1

Cowboy stunt, Disarming Shot.

Sometimes having a job is an impediment to being a full-time Hero. Other times, it's a good source for plot hooks.

I've never seen a comic this old as well-researched on asbestos to know that asbestos is only fire resistant, and can still get destroyed if it takes enough fire damage.

Gorgeous inking, by the way.

Failed open door check.

To thoroughly search a captured mobster, check their coat lining too.

Like yesterday's post, it's important to always make travel interesting. Storms help.

A great image showing the size of 1930s flashlights.

There are no rules, per se, for determining combat between vehicles. An Editor could assign a wrecking things level to bombs and roll for them but, really, if a bomb hits a submarine, the sub is going to sink or explode. It seems almost pointless to even roll past the attack roll.

Don't forget about the usefulness of windows. You can attack into a hideout before even entering it (and vice versa!).

A practical use for nightsticks you don't often see, but Heroes could use to good effect to let each other know where they are, if they split up.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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