Monday, May 4, 2015

The Funnies #5

Here's an interesting reversal on the traditional hideout crawl: Captain Easy and friends are the defenders, while the mobsters work to get in.

In Alley Oop, we're introduced to the ophiacodon, a 1-1 HD lizard; muraenosaurus, a 6 HD smaller cousin of the pleisosaur; mystriosuchus, a 4 HD crocodile; phenacodus, a 1/2 HD early mammal; and of course the well-known triceratops, which was statted in Hideouts & Hoodlums Supplement I: National.

Don Dixon continues to show us archaic weapons, some of which I thought were never going to need to turn up in H&H. Swords, yes, but javelins?  Apparently they're very useful for taking down subterranean kings.

Before that, the king delivers a "crushing blow" that drops Don to his knees. Could this be a combat-related stunt that renders your opponent prone?

Depending on its state of maturity, a baby elephant is probably no more than 2+1 HD and is unlikely to yet have the ability to wreck things like walls.  Whether or not elephants are frightened of mice is up to the Editor's discretion. In a campaign with a light mood, perhaps a morale save would be in order.

Sometimes trophies are not just found in hideouts, but offered as rewards. In this case, Jack got a plane for his troubles, plus a valuable necklace for Myra.

Myra, meanwhile, has encountered a drug that dulls the senses and makes people obey simple commands. This would be like a Potion of Charm Person, but weaker than the spell.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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