Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Funny Picture Stories #4 - pt. 2

It's clear that Centaur led with their best submissions and were pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point in the issue -- though that is not to say we can not learn a few things for Hideouts & Hoodlums from even sloppy comic book work.

Continuing where I left off yesterday, here we find it suggested that quicksand not only sucks you under even when you're motionless, but that it somehow causes damage and can render you unconscious!  Not sure how that would work...maybe save vs. science or take 1-3 points of damage per turn?

This is from a story about poaching and, while not exciting territory for most H&H scenarios, I thought the fake post truck with a hunting blind hidden in the back might be a good trophy item someday.

And I include this page from the poaching story only for a playing tip -- weighing stations are a good place to get information about any trucks you might be following.

This story was awful confusing to follow, but I include this page because it shows how small miniature cameras were in the 1930s.

This is from yet another story, and I include this page to point out the importance of level titles and how they are sort of a game mechanic. The guy in the cap probably did not show up in the local police station and get carte blanc treatment because of a lucky encounter reaction roll (at least, the Editor probably should not use encounter reaction rolls in that way).  Rather, our Hero must "outrank" the police officer here, as a higher level Fighter than the officer. That allows the Hero to order lower level Fighters around.

In this example, our Hero remembers seeing a box of dynamite in the mobsters' lair. He intends to shoot the box through a window. If a player ever asks for a handout like this, the Editor would be within his rights to say, no, there's no way the box would have been left just so perfectly lined up with the window. Or, "roll a save vs. plot and, if you succeed, the shot is possible -- but you'll still have to roll a 20 exactly on your to hit roll to hit the box."

Sometimes, leveling the upper floors of a hideout may be the most expeditious way of gaining access to the "good stuff" on the lower levels of the hideout below ground. In this case, the underground passage connects two sections of the hideout -- the cabin and a nearby aircraft hangar.

Arr, matey!  Tom Dawson SeaScout is one of those series that tries to teach us all about how to talk like nautical folk. We also get a good sense for the scale and layout of a schooner, which -- while a trifle old-fashioned even in the 1930s -- could still make a good transport-trophy.

Tugboats could also be useful for Heroes to have, particularly if they have large trophy ships they need to maneuver in or out of the harbor.

I never statted monkeys for H&H, but that might have been an error. This little monkey is a combat machine, disarming this yellow peril hoodlum before stabbing her with her own weapon!

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