Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Famous Funnies #29

The last War on Crime of 1936 looks to feature beat cops, detectives, drunken hoodlums and, is that a vamp maybe in the last tier?  It would be nice if you used more descriptive nouns, narrative captions!

Actually, maybe G-Men should be free of the hierarchical structure of the Fighter class, being based on police hierarchies. Could a G-Man just be a 2 HD Lawful mobster?

Skyroads has some useful transport information, with the speed of four different planes Heroes might be flying someday.

A supply schooner could be a transport trophy.

Dickie Dare finds a code-book could be as valuable a trophy as a treasure map.

The start of Adventures of Patsy. The part about being delivered by a stork, symbolic of her rebirth in her fantasy world, is a nice touch. I'm not going to stat storks though, even though this one seems to be unusually intelligent.

Now, the gnome-like denizens of Ods Bodkins need statting, as soon as the strip identifies what they actually are.

The magic crystal is, of course, a Crystal Ball.  King Silhouette must be a Magic-User?

The goose glider must be able to fly as long as it carries only a light payload -- perhaps a maximum of 150 lbs.?  No idea from here what its max speed would be.

Ajax the Giant isn't really much of a giant, is he?  He seems to be only twice the size of Patsy. Perhaps he is an ogre, at best.

Scorchy Smith and his friend Gus use some interesting science to solve a problem, charting wind patterns on a map to show where a gas attack might have came from. Smart players might want to remember this, in case they ever find their Heroes in a similar scenario.

Cigarette lighter is already on the starting equipment list, but as Olly of the Movies learns, it might be better to write in "waterproof" cigarette lighter on your items list and pay a cent extra for it.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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