Sunday, April 12, 2015

Funny Picture Stories #3

Sometimes just letting the Heroes find a treasure map is all you need to kickstart a new Hideouts & Hoodlums campaign.

The Editor could leave secret door detection to the luck of the dice, since everyone has a 1 in 6 chance of finding them by random searching. It is more rewarding for the players, though, if they can puzzle out the secret doors on their own, like how adding weight to this idol height causes a stone slab to pop open over a staircase.

Even in a pre-1941 campaign, there were plenty of places around the globe for Heroes to fight in a war setting.  This is how the Chinese were fighting the Japanese invaders -- or how popular American culture envisioned them fighting the Japanese invaders -- with antique wheeled canons, machine guns, and biplanes.

The oversight of tigers not being statted for H&H was covered here.  When a tiger does react poorly to attempts to train it, it could be useful to be surrounded by SCMs or even just other animals, as Joe Brailey discovers here. A pony vs. a tiger doesn't seem like a particularly fair fight, though; I would give a pony maybe 2 Hit Dice, of the d10 variety.

A hideout can be anything from a sprawling underground complex to a small rural shack, as pictured here.  The latter, of course, will likely prove to be a challenge only to 1st-level Heroes...

Sometimes even a small hideout full of just a few hoodlums can be well-equipped, like with tear gas, gas masks, and lots of rifles (tear gas and gas masks are detailed in H&H Book II: Mobsters & Trophies).

While a big hideout, even in a rural area, might have its own electrical generator, a small rural hideout may be relying on more 'medieval' forms of illumination, like lanterns.

Red Dolan also discovers the benefit of disguising himself as a hoodlum to sneak around within the hideout.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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