Saturday, April 18, 2015

Famous Funnies #30

We'll start today with War on Crime and the oft-ignored "no. appearing" stat for mobsters (so oft that you'll only find it in Supplement I: National!).  As you can see here, G-Men really like to outnumber the mobsters they hunt down -- in this case, by a factor of 8 to 1!

Goat joke #6 (I told you I was going to start keeping track!).

First appearance of throwing knives as weapons?

I love this page of Scorchy Smith.  We don't see much of the hidden hideout, but that it is accessible via a rope ladder concealed among overhanging vines, and then you climb up onto an overgrown ledge with a short, locked door, which leads into a laboratory -- those are great details for a hideout.

Also note that Scorchy picks the lock, a skill normally associated only with Mysterymen, but here performed by an Aviator.  Hmm...

A new mobster type: fortune hunter, hoodlums who seduce rich women?  Or is this just a slick hoodlum?

Another terrain map for someone to use in their Hideouts & Hoodlums campaigns.

It's not surprising for a page like this to have its facts wrong, but snakes aren't all this slow. According to a quick Internet search, black mambas can move at 10 MPH.  I might need to double-check how fast I have snakes moving in their stats...

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