Monday, January 9, 2017

Mystery Men Comics #4 - pt. 3

Blue Beetle drops from a height of at least 15-20' onto the head of that hoodlum. So he's doing kick damage, plus transferring his falling damage, while the hoodlum is cushioning the fall for him so BB only takes half damage from the fall. Unless, of course, he's using a Leap I power here, but I think Blue Beetle is still a mysteryman, not a superhero, at this point.

It would appear that BB's flying tackle makes the gun miss, but the more accurate description, game mechanics-wise, is that they had simultaneous initiative, BB went for a grappling attack and hit, and the hoodlum shot and missed.

More specifically, Blue Beetle is tackling a gangster (now statted for 2nd edition) and a thug.

Although we don't see it happen, BB apparently lets the hoodlums go so they can return to their boss. Despite the fact that they failed, the master criminal still pays them. That's a good boss!

It's really unclear how BB got into the office and slipped his blue beetle calling card into each pay envelope, or why he would choose to do that and then leave the hoodlums for the police to deal with. Maybe BB was low on hit points after that jump from the roof...

This is Inspector Bancroft of Scotland Yard now. I'll be working on chase rules for Hideouts & Hoodlums as I get into part 3 of the 2nd ed. basic rules book. I'll have to remember to make them universally applicable -- for car chases, airplane races, and even swimming after each other.

And now we're on Secret Agent D-13. Note that your surprise action does not have to be attacking. Here, D-13 spends his surprise turn sneaking up into melee range.

Nice interior of a blimp. This is Bob Powell art, so I'm going to assume this was well-researched.

In Denny Scott of the Bengal Lancers, the civil war being referenced here might be the Second Waziristan Campaign. 

So, according to this, if you were the British in India in 1939, then drowning your enemies was a perfectly honorable military tactic. I'm almost concerned about how much TNT they have there -- is that 21 barrels of it? I would be afraid for the future of my campaign setting if some of my players got their hands on 21 barrels of TNT...

Most any hero can disguise himself, but Zanzibar uses a Phantasmal Image spell to make it appear that he's someone else's ghost.

Here, it seems Zanzibar uses an illusion spell, possibly another Phantasmal Image, to make Simone look like a skeleton, even to herself. Coupled with that, he might be using Hold Person to pin her to the chair so she can't move.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum.)

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