Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mystery Men Comics #4 - pt. 1

We're back with the Green Mask, which you can tell because of the big green mask there. I include this opening page because it gives a nice range of stolen money amounts -- and $50,000-$200,000 is even an amount I could use dice for (5d4x10,000).

Rayguns are usually big, immobile things; this is one of the earliest hand-held ones in a modern day strip.

Note how incredibly conspicuous The Green Mask's big orange car looks.

I also like the chutzpah of this Professor character. Not only does he send a note to the police commissioner threatening his daughter, but he calls him fat too, just to make it personal.

Note that the paralyzing raygun affects 1-3 targets in close proximity -- not unlike a Hold Person spell! It's nice when I can re-use the same game mechanics.

In typical corny fashion, The Professor could just shoot The Green Mask in the back here and be done with it...but he does have this petrification raygun just sitting there, not getting any use. Time to show it off!

Belt of Raygun Protection? Good thing the hoodlums didn't search him before they strapped him down (save vs. plot to avoid a pat down?)!

I've talked before about how you can be completely daffy with astronomy in a Golden Age comic book campaign. There's clearly no planet between Earth and Mars and everyone knew that in 1939 -- but, hey, let's pretend! Maybe we can say Ursis is a large asteroid...

Oops, no we can't! Because Ursis has "gravity and atmosphere" just like on Earth, so it must be the same size as Earth.

Those are some weird-looking aliens. I guess I don't have to stat them now, because the volcano killed them all!

I last talked about gargantuan robots way back when Steve Carson was running into them back in the early days of More Fun!  These are clearly way beyond what I'll be including in my 2nd edition basic book, though they'll be in the later Advanced Hideouts & Hoodlums Mobster Manual. So...I'm thinking maybe 20 Hit Dice?

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum.)

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