Monday, January 2, 2017

Amazing Man Comics #6 - pt. 3

Returning to The Congo War-Drum serial, we see a special ability for natives that we've never seen before -- apparently they can hypnotize themselves so they will continue to fight without needing to roll for morale. It's an interesting premise, perhaps better for berserkers than natives, and I'm not sure if I'll add it to natives or not.

This is Chuck Hardy in the Land beneath the Sea. While finishing the mobster section for Hideouts & Hoodlums 2nd edition, I was routinely reminded of the lack of dangerous plant life in the earliest comics. But now we have, at last, the carnivorous strangle-plant. It actually looks a lot like the D&D monster, the roper, but without an eye. I would make this at least a 5-6 Hit Die mobster.

Chuck is in a particularly challenging campaign setting; not only is he encountering 5-6 Hit Die mobsters already at 1st level, but all he's got to arm himself with are loose stones he can throw. And finding fresh drinking water that won't kill him is even a challenge.

The Aquatanians are really just ordinary humans, with antennae on their foreheads for flavor text. They have an unusual steam-based technology. There's no indication yet that their rifles are particularly advanced (probably air rifles, given the theme), but the pneumatic tube subway is rather remarkable, unless Chuck is exaggerating its speed.

From the one-shot story, The Ivy Menace, I now have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to deadly plant life. These strangling vines are almost identical to the "creeper vines" in Book II.  Glad I called it!

The difference is, strangling vines keep growing at a crazy fast rate, as if it can regenerate lost hit points (even from fire), and grows through the cycle of large, huge, and giant. The only way to stop it is to destroy the plant at the roots.

Giants have keener than human hearing (3 in 6 chance to hear noise?).

I either need to upgrade the Movement rate for giants, or Mighty Man is using the Outrun Train power here.

Wrecking through the outside wall is like wrecking cars on the wrecking things table. Hoisting up the water tower is one of the Raise powers, though, and given how heavy all that water is it might be one of the big ones like Raise Bridge.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus.)

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