Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wonderworld Comics #4 - pt. 3

Fire works kind of goofy in comic books. What was in that lamp to explode like that? Napalm? What was that castle made out of to burn down so fast? Balsa wood? Gems melt in fire?  How hot was that fire? Hmm...

This is Tex Mason.

Maybe cowardly hoodlums should just have a faster movement rate when fleeing?

I really just shared this because I like the dynamic artwork of Munson Paddock here.

This is K-51 Spies at War, though you might not know it by how he's being upstaged by his new fiancee, K-19. It's interesting how K-51 has picked up the relationship dynamic from Siegel & Shuster's Spy, not long after Siegel unwisely abandoned it.

But I really just shared this for the radium gun. This panel gives you a great example of the size of the rayguns described in Book II: Mobsters & Trophies. It's good that the raygun is so stationary too, because it's ability to wreck like a 7th level Superhero at long range is intimidatingly powerful.

Maybe Heroes' guns jam more often in comic books than I gave them credit for. Definitely including a gun jam rule in 2nd edition.

And here is another example of K-19 completely taking over this feature.

This is "Spark" Stevens. I'm working on the combat section of 2nd edition Hideouts & Hoodlums right now and the next mechanic I need to work on is something elegant for entangling weapons, like whips and nets. There has to be a chance of holding your opponent fast, but also a trade-off, like your opponent being able to disarm you, like this.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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