Thursday, September 29, 2016

Star Comics v. 2 #7

Count Rocco may be the only count in comic books who's not a bad guy. Here, The Rat uses a cat o' nine tails on him. I've already added the whip to the weapons list in Hideouts & Hoodlums, but don't plan on a cat o'nine tails being different, mechanics-wise, from an ordinary whip.

Hanging from your thumbs is pretty serious torture, though. Maybe 1-2 points of damage per minute?  Sometimes time has to be measured in real time measurements instead of turns, since turns have a more flexible meaning, and torture that does 1-2 points over a 4-hour rest turn isn't that scary sounding.

Ooo, what's this? A haunted island? A land of underground caves? Sounds like a great set-up for a hideout crawl to me! And that this is the first stop on a quest to find the Lost Islands sounds like a full campaign! Sadly, this is the last installment we ever see of The Last Pirate.

The grappling attack only lasts one turn underwater. Shortening the length of the combat turn to 30 seconds will allow for longer underwater combats, since Heroes will now be able to hold their breath underwater for 1-12 combat turns.

This is from Dash of the 100th Century and, while a gag strip instead of an adventure strip, I include it because there's been no discussion anywhere else about how much an interplanetary rocket would weigh.  Five hundred tons seems a bit much for a rocket that size but...maybe it's made of super-dense metals, in order to survive the rigors of space, or to help establish gravity?

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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