Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amazing Mystery Funnies v. 2 #8 - pt. 2

Air-Sub DX raises the issue again of giant robots. Should the basic H&H book include a mobster type that is impossible to beat in straight-on combat (discounting wrecking things for a moment), just to properly emulate the comic books of the time?

Should this be a giant robot, or is this too big for giant? Is this a gargantuan robot instead? Also note that Gargantuan robots have a chance of being armed with magnetic ray beams.

Ah, Carl Burgos, how you're giving me weird stuff to stat for H&H! Living diamonds turned out to be exactly what it said -- diamonds with faces that can talk and float in the area. Or is it flying on a little soap dish-shaped aircraft? It's hard to say. The living diamonds have a breath weapon consisting of molten glass. Yeah...weird stuff...

The Fantom of the Fair is less weird in comparison. We have the familiar story of a prehistoric ape brought back to civilization and runs amok, though this ape is far smaller than King Kong. This is more in keeping with Gigantopithecus, an actual prehistoric ape that was 9 1/2' tall and weighed around 1,100 lbs. It would be a 6 HD ape .

Curiously, The Fantom fought this exact same prehistoric ape only thousands of years ago, long after prehistoric apes like this would have died off.

The ape can wreck things, at least as well as a 2nd level superhero.

Perhaps more curiously, the police at the world's fair seem remarkably well-equipped, with gas masks, sleep gas bombs, and (on this page), anti-aircraft guns.

Once The Fantom gets the ape in a choke hold, the ape's low saves keep him from reversing the hold, and it can't use wrecking things to break the hold because The Fantom is a higher level superhero. The grappling attack renders the ape unconscious first, which is how it is able to take lethal damage from the fall (normally falling damage only makes you unconscious).

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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