Friday, September 23, 2016

Popular Comics #42 - pt. 2

From The Masked Pilot, this is a rare sighting of a motorcycle and sidecar. Initially, I treated these as trophy items, but, really, it shouldn't be that hard for anyone to go out and buy one in a 1930s-40s campaign.

But this is why most forms of transportation better than cars are treated as trophy items. I mean, do you want this bomber plane, with its light cannon and machine guns, available to your players? Or the better question is, are you ready for it yet?

I've seen some complicated deathtraps before, but this is an overly complicated escape from a deathtrap. Our G-Man hero and this poor beat cop go to an awful lot of trouble relaying the explosive to each other. One missed attack roll to catch it and that bomb could hit the ground and go off! Or --our G-Man hero could have simply stepped on the fuse and snuffed it out...

Here is a good example of a hero's reputation, as I recently discussed here. This is also a great example of a neutral villain, one who might have attacked if he hadn't recognized Jack Randall, but is just as happy not to get into a fight with the Hero.

It seems like a smart plan; Bronc has let a prisoner go free so he can follow him back to the hideout, left a horse out for the prisoner to steal, and made sure a horseshoe was missing so he'd be easy to track. But what if the prisoner had skipped the horse and gone on foot instead? The save vs. plot can be used for when the player needs for his plan to work.

I like the verticality of this abandoned mine hideout already. I imagine there would be a lot of little rooms separated by ladders instead of corridors.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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