Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Popular Comics #27

We've finally reached April of 1938 and this issue from Dell leads off with Dick Tracy and a trapped safe. The Purple Cross Gang kept a safe so obvious it even said "Purple Cross records" on the front of it. Of course, the safe was rigged to explode with a dozen sticks of dynamite -- that's at least 24d6 damage -- with the only safe way to open it being to cut the power to the room it was in (since the trap was electrically wired).

Spooky how the Asp just seems to spring up out of that bush, eh? (Yes, I realize he probably stepped out from behind the tree behind him and moved forward.) More important is the failed morale save from the mobsters. Pulling guns on mobsters will require a morale save from Fighters, but these mobsters aren't looking at the guns, they're looking at the Asp himself. This is the intimidate power of the Mysteryman class, forcing a morale save just with a look.

Another trophy item idea is the master switch -- something that turns off all of one type of hi-tech item -- machines, robots, guns -- that were created the same way -- in the same factory, by the same inventor, from the same kit.  It seems to have a generous range, maybe 200 ft.?

I haven't included a page of This Curious World in a while.  This page introduces us to the peccary, the only wild pig indigenous to the Americas.  It's not very big -- certainly no boar -- and more the size of a giant rat. I'd only give them 1/2 HD.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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