Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Famous Funnies #46 - pt. 1

Good question!

According to Eagle Scout Roy Powers, land was dirt cheap in the 1930s. While it is not clear how much land is in the "strip of land" being sold here, $300 for a half-acre would be a very good deal.  Also note the importance of paying in cash to bank-shy people of the 1930s.

Skyroads doesn't mean "a natural dungeon-like canyon" in the sense we might be thinking of a dungeon...but that doesn't mean the idea doesn't bear merit and discussion. Could a canyon be set up so one could wander through a maze-like construct to isolated locations with pre-set encounters in them? Yes...though not as it's drawn here. Although the deep crevice and the dark corners are intriguing, there's just too much empty space here to be more than 3-4 encounter areas. At the least, this canyon would be a simple wilderness encounter and, at best, could serve as a tiny "sandbox" campaign setting (pre-mapped areas, but no schedule or agenda for the Heroes to visit them in any particular order).

I'm sharing this just for some interesting slang that I'm guessing was in common usage in the 1930s, as the character doesn't seem to be the sort to spout unusual things. So, "jack" was apparently another way of saying "spending money", and "blow yourself to a" meant "get a".

We revisit Hairbreadth Harry during his planet-hopping phase. Here's an unusual world populated by ostriches and giant creatures that look like a cross between bull, a triceratops, and a stegosaurus. What a shame this page suggests no name for these creatures! Note also how plants grow at a fantastic rate on this world (or at least Earth plants do), reminding us that we can ignore natural laws if we wish to when using alien worlds in a Hideouts & Hoodlums campaign.

Dickie Dare is looking even more like a Terry and the Pirates rip-off than usual here (and just as racist), but there's an interesting lesson in keeping an envelope in your wallet and a pencil stub somewhere on your person.

Arminus -- inspiration for Marvel's Thor?

According to Holly of Hollywood, you could buy a parrot for $5.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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