Thursday, September 24, 2015

Popular Comics #26

This issue starts with a sort of new trophy item from Dick Tracy -- magnifying ear phones. Game mechanic-wise, they would work like wearing a hearing aid (which is in Book II: Mobsters & Trophies).

According to Gasoline Alley, at least, a horse-drawn sleigh can travel at 9 MPH. In the streamlined Movement system I plan to move to in Hideouts & Hoodlums 2nd edition, this would have a score of 9. In the current system, the equivalent score is a more confusing 45.

As common as dog catchers are portrayed as villainous in comic strips, like Winnie Winkle, I wonder if I should create a dog catcher mobster type.  Maybe they would have different stats vs. dogs -- like 1-1 HD normally, but 3 HD if going up against dogs...

(scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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