Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Fun Comics #29

This issue starts with a really short Doctor Occult story, vs. a "spectral killer". The spectral killer looks a lot like the undead mobster-type known as a shadow, but instead of draining strength with a touch, it strangles and kills.

This is the Pirate Gold serial, and we see firecrackers being used as a diversion for the first time (it also happened not that long ago in my Sunday Nights at Home Campaign). It looks like they are being used against yellow peril hoodlums too.

Ah, the Bradley Boys use the old "high and low" trick for tripping someone. I could see, if two people work together and don't want separate attack rolls, that the attacker should get some sort of situational modifier. Perhaps, in this case, the victim would have a -1 penalty to save vs. science or fall prone. If three people were working together on tripping someone, one person would attack and the victim would save at -2.

I'm thinking of statting slavers, like this one Wing Brady is dealing with. Slavers should be tough, maybe as much as 3 Hit Dice, but they only fight with whips for 1-3 damage.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus)

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