Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jumbo Comics #12 - pt. 4

We're still on Spencer Steel. That firefight in panels 6-7 is pretty crazy; does no one think about using cover?

Where was the secret door? Was it really necessary for Brudd to go out a secret door rather than a regular door?

Here's another example of throwing yourself into the way of a bullet.  I'm still leery about making this a game mechanic, as there's so much opportunity for meta-gamers to abuse. At most, I would give the original target a -2 AC bonus (as if having hard cover), and if within only 4 numbers of missing, it hits the new target.

That has to be the easiest trap ever. They're left alone in the basement where they can easily get to each other's tied hands? And there's a door out, but it's boarded up on this side with them?
There is no stat difference between a dog and a vicious dog, though one could say a vicious dog will never give you a positive or friendly encounter reaction result.

Yikes. More animals dying? I find it very unlikely that throwing it against a wall would kill a dog, though maybe it would knock him unconscious.

Where was the secret door? The bright yellow, boarded-up door?
It's a little surprising how seldom sewers are used as hideouts in these early stories. They're underground, maze-like in nature, and accessible from many manhole covers.
This is Inspector Dayton. We learn how poison can be administered on a knitting instrument that most non-knitters would not recognize as a sharp object.
Patch is a bottomless font of information. Just look at those sentences spill out of his mouth! Sure, Editor, you could tease out clues in small doses through the mouths of many non-Hero characters over the course of an entire play session, or you could just have Patch stroll in and provide a big info dump in their laps.

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum.)

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