Saturday, January 5, 2019

Amazing Man Comics #9 - pt. 4

Picking up where we left off with Mighty Man, here we see the asssistant (the dog man...though I'm inclined to pass on statting a dog man mobstertype) attacking MM with a garrotte of chain. This would be one of those examples we were just talking about of an improvised weapon that would do half-damage -- and maybe one-third damage, if we were honestly taking into account a 5 1/2' tall dog man dangling from the neck of a 12' tall man (conveniently drawn much closer to the same size on this page).

Though I'm mainly including this because a garrotte of chain was an important weapon in a fanfiction piece I just recently wrote, which I thought was a pretty cool coincidence.
Now for our last feature, the Shark.  First we get an interesting cutaway that shows how a schooner could serve as a concealed submarine dock. And then we see the Shark's "super television set" acting like a Crystal Ball. Better than a crystal ball, because normally you need to know what you're looking for to use a crystal ball. The Shark must have asked it to show him where the subs were docking and it did it, solving the mystery for him. I really don't recommend giving out trophy items like this.
The Shark is using a Raise  power here, but which one? A submarine in 1940 could have weighed over 1,000 tons, but that's out of water. Underwater, it would still weigh at least 600 tons. That would require a 6th level Raise power -- and those don't even exist in Hideouts & Hoodlums (yet). This also means the Shark would need to be a 12th level superhero. At this point in his published career, the Shark hasn't earned enough XP to even be 2nd level yet, so that means 11 brevet ranks!
An example of wrecking in the battleship category, and of using powers and wrecking to provoke morale saves, which end in complete surrender and the two signed confessions (it is interesting how the Shark gets two copies, and we'll see why shortly).
Push Ocean Liner is a 5th level power, but one intended to require the superhero to be constantly pushing the ocean liner, not giving it just one good shove. This would be something the as-yet unnamed 6th level Raise power (Raise Submarine?) would allow, so the duration must still be going on it since his previous use (which makes sense, as he's been in no combat, so he's in exploration turns).
An unusual strategy of locking the mobsters in, rather than going in and getting them. Plus we get some more examples of wrecking things. Since the wrecking he's doing is disabling, but not sinking the schooner, I would use the robots category.
And here's the big reveal -- that second confession is left behind at the schooner, so the coast guard will find it when they come to rescue the spies on board. When I do run high-level games of H&H (it doesn't happen often, but our current campaign has 6th level Heroes, so it's coming...), I hope the players will just have fun messing with much weaker bad guys, like this, rather than expecting to be challenged all the time.

(Scans courtesy of Comic Book Plus.)

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