Saturday, October 22, 2016

Popular Comics #43 - pt. 2

We've seen some crazy disarming attacks already on this blog, but this time we're treated to a horse being trained to disarm gunmen!

I don't think I've ever shared The Comic Zoo before. It's usually no more than a humor page, but this page could be summarizing a funny, low-threat level adventure. And what is gaming all about than putting your character in danger, but coming out of it having had fun?

"Lookee what we've found! It's a treasure map. Hey's a map to the same place we've already been exploring! That's like giving me silver weapons only after making me fight a werewolf!"

Why yes, Bronc, yes it is. Mwahahaha....

Whoa -- this is dark! Bear in mind that Bronc isn't painting a skeleton onto his clothes -- he's making Babs tie her own dead uncle's bones onto him. That's some crazy stuff!

(Scans courtesy of Digital Comic Museum)

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